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*NEW COLORS* Emax Tinyhawk Camera Stabilizer - 2pcs

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Product Details

This is the easy and simple clip on mod to help protect and stabilize the camera in the Tinyhawk quad.

NEW COLORS AVAILABLE!!! I've expanded the collection of colors available to include all those listed. The pictures have been improved to illustrate color better. I have even added a UV (Blacklight) reactive green that looks great with the lights on, and glows a vibrant neon when the lights are off and the blacklight (UV) is on. This is not glow-in-the-dark, it does require the use of a uv/blacklight to achieve the glowing effect, but man does it look great flying in the low-light LED gate courses!!!

NOTE: Comes in a set of two pieces per order (the picture shows more then this to illustrate color better).

You can see its simple installation in the video below:

The colors lists are the colors of the filament I currently have in stock. If you select the custom color, I'll will source out the printer filament in the color of your choice for you (hence the additional charge). These are sold in sets of two pieces (even though some of the pics shows them in groups).

NOTE: I do not distribute the .stl files for the designs I produce,

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