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Best Camera...  What I use?


In my opinion there is really one clear winner and that is the Canon M50.  There are plenty of reviews and info about this camera out there.  And honestly they all agree, this camera is the current leader.  Rather then going into super detail about the features and such, I'd rather let you know the options that are available for this camera, And along the way let you know why I chose the options and packages I did.

The Camera:

The Canon M50 Camera, JUST the body - This option is just for the body of the camera and does not come with the kit lens.  Personally I wouldn't go with this option.  The kit lens package is just a little more, and you get a lens that is worth a couple hundred bucks!  But for those who just want the body here it is.

Buy on Amazon:

I HIGHLY recommend (even a la carte) that you get a kit lens with the body because of the value!  This comes in two flavors, one lens or two.


The one lens option gives you a 15mm-45mm lens (good for all around general photography, but also not great at anything specific).

Buy on Amazon:

The two lens option gives you the same 15mm-45mm lens above, but also adds an amazing 55mm-200mm zoom lens.  Great for reaching out and getting those shots when you want to be up close and personal.

Buy on Amazon:


 The camera is going to need a memory card to be able to take pictures.  There is one clear choice, the Sandisk 64gb Extreme Pro card

Buy on Amazon:


Additional Lenses:

There are two other lenses you should really have in your arsenal, and these are the lenses I end up using ALL THE TIME!

First is the Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM Compact System Fixed Lens.  This is a prime lens, meaning it has no zoom/wide angle adjustment, it is just a 22mm lens.  BUT what is incredible about this lens is it is a very bright f2, meaning you can turn your stop down to f2 while using this lens and let all that light in, works great for indoors and lower light situations!

Buy on Amazon:

The second lens I'd recommend would be the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 STM Lens.  This lens lets you get wide angle shots.  Great for getting everybody in the shot, but not having it look "fish-eye" and distorted, images still look great, and you can get everything in. 

Buy on Amazon:

Additional Batteries:

The one pack the camera comes with is fine, but you may want to have a few extra in the bag just in case you forget to charge or you leave the camera on accidentally. 

The Band name packs are great, but they are brand name, meaning you spend a lot for the pack because it has Canon Stamped on it.

Brand name Canon LP-E12 (single battery and no charger) - Buy on Amazon:

I've had great luck with some after market packs that work great, and are much cheaper.  Keep in mind these are aftermarket, and just because I had good luck with them, doesn't mean every pack and every batch with perform equally.

3rd Party Newmowa LP-E12 battery (2 pack with charger) - Buy on Amazon:


Package Deals:

These can be great, or a pain...  What I mean is that some of these seem like a great deal, but they just give you a bunch of junk you will never use.  Now if they include it "free" then hey bring on the junk, I'll take free junk.  But if they charge you a premium price for it, then you may want to steer clear.

The one lens package - If you were looking at the single kit lens package above, but want some more goodies, then you can go wrong with this package.  It comes with a bunch of stuff and it looks like it is all included free.

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera w/15-45mm (Black) + 2 x 32GB + Deluxe Photo Bundle

Buy on Amazon:

If you were looking at the two lens package, the best one I think out there right now doesn't include everything for "Free" per-say.  It is slightly higher in price then the non-package version but you do get some nice stuff with it.  Even the memory card I recommend is included in this package which is nice.

Buy on Amazon:

Final Thoughts:

Let me just sum up what I personally use, to perhaps help you figure out what to do. 

I bought the single lens bundle because of all the "free stuff" included.  Buy on Amazon:

I then got the 22mm lens Buy on Amazon:

and the 11-22mm lens.  Buy on Amazon:

I also got the Extreme Pro memory card. Buy on Amazon:

And lastly I got the Newmowa Batteries. Buy on Amazon:

Hope that helps you out with "what is what" To simplify out the stats vs. marketing, and so you can understand what you are looking at before you buy.  


Let me know what you think!



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